PPS ventilation and air quality documents & events history

Summer 2021:

PPS SOP’s on ventilation – ahead of return to hybrid and in-person learning
July 2021 SOP & 2021 FAQ
Feb 2022 SOP revision
Aug 2022 SOP revision

PPS reports on ventilation – Airflow and IAQ reports published for each school in the district

Spring to Summer 2022:

Oregonian coverage of the poor air quality in PPS:
Interactive map – Ventilation in Portland Schools – Note: airflow data was analyzed here without any corrections to errors in the reports
First article – These Portland classrooms don’t meet bare minimum of targets for indoor airflow
Podcast – A deep dive into ventilation, filtration and the air inside our schools: Beat Check podcast
Followup article – Union leaders, parents push Portland Public Schools to examine classroom air standards following The Oregoanian/OregonLive’s analysis
Followup article – What suburban Portland school districts say about their ventilation rates

Public comment to school board – Parent testimony to bring better air purification solutions:
Parent testimony at June meeting of the Facilities and Operations committee

Op-ed by Safe Indoor Air For Oregon Schools founder РOpinion: Ensuring safer air at Portland schools requires community’s advocacy

Late summer through Fall of the 2022 school year:

Public comment and staff report to school board – More parent testimony to bring better air purification solutions to the district & staff glossing over ventilation problems in their brief to the school board – links coming soon
PPS Ventilation one-pager for school start – PPS Building Ventilation + other languages and claims from district’s page for one-pagers
PPS letter to Oregon Health Authority – September 19 inquiry to OHA – prompted from Oregonian coverage
PPS’s Facilities and Operations September 22 meeting – Meeting video of the presentation from staff and the district’s corporate environmental consultants + accompanying memo
Oregon Health Authority – September 22 response to PPS inquiry – OHA affirmed Oregonian was correct that they had a recommended ventilation minimum
Oregonian September 24 coverage – Oregon recommends minimum ventilation levels in classrooms; Portland Public Schools says it will try – District admitted error in claiming OHA did not recommend a minimum level of ventilation, and committed to trying to reach OHA’s minimum
District email in October – Ventilation and Air Quality in Our Schools – Dan Jung, Jonathan Garcia, and Dr. Jon Franco walk back promise to try to hit OHA’s recommend ventilation minimum at the time (pdf version)

Spring 2023:

Public comment to school board – Safe Indoor Air For Oregon Schools supporters testimony to bring better air filtration to PPS classrooms
Letter to school board member, Julia Brim-Edwards – Safe Indoor Air For Oregon Schools supporters letter – link coming soon

April & May:
Oregon Health Authority – Free air purifier program announcement – link coming soon
Public records request (fulfilled in part) – including meeting notes saying district staff planned to not get any of the free air purifiers from OHA – links coming soon
Safe Indoor Air For Oregon Schools advocacy – Parent advocacy to staff and board members to sign up for free Medify air purifiers from OHA
District email in May – Our Continuing Commitment to Air Quality – Dan Jung, Jonathan Garcia, and Dr. Jon Franco announced PPS signed up for 3500 free air purifiers from OHA and each classroom will have two air purifiers
Oregonian coverage – Portland Public Schools secures 3,500 air purifiers to improve classroom air flow