Colds, flus, and covid come home from school all winter long because too many classrooms in Portland Public Schools have poor ventilation.

Kids’ and staff’s respiratory aerosols carry and transmit airborne viruses.  And PPS data show these aerosols linger every day for over an hour, in hundreds of poorly ventilated classrooms.

Is your classroom one of them?

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Read more about our analyses of airflow in PPS elementary, middle school, and K-8 classrooms here – and look up school-specific stats and analyses. We seek to get the 597* classrooms that have less than 3 air changes an hour and the 1111* classrooms between 3 to 6 air changes an hour to meet the Lancet Safe Work, Safe School, and Safe Travel recommendation of more than 6 air changes per hour. Let’s provide kids and staff the benefits of safe, clean air free of virus-laden respiratory aerosols, asthma triggers, and cancer-causing PM 2.5.

*597 / 1111 and counting…